About Zhen Wu

Teresa Ho

International and HK Art Consultant

Wu Zhen from New Jersey, is a talented, hard-working and prolific painter and sculptor.

Through Wu Zhen's work, we enter into an infinite space of a spiritual world, everything is uncertain and illusory, and that deep color gamut and true picture of light emitted a mysterious power of innocence, we can feel that his work has a very delicate feeling and unique art technique, the ever-changing levels, revealed a faint coiled light. This full picture shows a core which gives a strong sense of existence, which is strongly grasped by the artist subconsciously in his course of Creation, he is constantly redefining himself, trying to find, new expressions of original patterns.

In the process, he constantly subverts the process of their own, through retreat, reflection and concerns the foundation of the existence of life, spiritual and material, the universe, the co-existence of man and natural universe, he releases the things that we have neglected or overlooked in our lives ------ and that is peace, order, beauty --- our true human nature and his inner world continues to grow, his territories continue to expand. He finds a temporary world out of eternity and makes dialogue with it. He finds his ways of expression through imagery, this imagery is personal and yet easy to be understood by the general public.

Wu Zhen - Born in 1953 in Shanghai, China. Beginning in childhood, the sense of helplessness, strong desire and anxiety toward the outside world induced his learning and construction of an inner world within him by using the most primitive media of soil and pen through dim vague objects and visual images. Perhaps this is driven by an inner vocation, and naturally this has become his lifelong mission.

In 1979 - His works were selected by Shanghai Art Exhibition


The Call of Silence 1976


Everlasting Pain


In 1976 – His work ‘The Call of Silence’ was the innermost nature of freedom of expression and feelings of anger erupting, process of personal struggle and grief, which was also the beginning of his self-discovery. He discovered that art is not meant to satisfy imagination, but to inspire imagination. Through the process of imagination, we experience the inner and outer world of objects, and to convey a personal interpretation of form, space and unique emotions.

In 1981 – He held a sculpture exhibition in Hong Kong. His works ‘Everlasting Pain’ was his interpretation of the meaning of life, from occurrence to declining, short disappearing, and a sense of helplessness towards the lost of values in life, and the awareness of inability to escape the human cognition of eternal suffering.

Chuck Wepner


In 1982 - He settled in the U.S. Away from the trend, and he indulged in the creations of fine art furniture. He adopted the techniques of modeling, lost wax bronze casting, welding, and patina, the traditional bronze casting. He created the ‘Marine Life’, ‘Return to Nature’ and ‘ Sea World’ series. In these works, he applied oriental elements to integrate and explore. Each piece has emerged with a strong sense of sculpture. Over the years he did not correspond to any style and trend, he only focused on the expression of his creative passion, brewing into an unique energy. They are works of pure creativity and freedom of thoughts which revealed that he was immersed in the ocean depths of another world and returned to nature on the mental dimension. His works showed that he is a sculptor of the unique perspective of space and form. Featuring the coldness of furniture in our daily life into a poetic art form, these sculptural works thus shine with eternal charm, winning the attention of international collectors and collections. In 2011 Fine Furnishings & Fine Craft Shows Baltimore USA, he had received Best Fine Art / Craft-Body of Work.

In 2006 his sculpture style and creativity entered a new phase, that symbolizes the natural world that we used to own and disappearing by uniquely personalized interpretation and close distance expression.

These years he has also explored on materials, techniques and performances with 1 / 32 inch and 1/ 8 inch thick copper plate and aluminum to complex points, lines, multi-layered images superimposed with each other, irregular textures, drawn through the creation of overlapping ways. Repeated erosion, sanding, showing images in different dimensions on metal plates. From etching and the color of his many elaborated paints, after several rounds of sanding, the release of his inner passion for freedom can be seen in his works. He constantly adjusts his inner heart throb, these tiny vibrations, temporal and most casual moments of the subconscious and conscious of the subtle restraints, which determined species of environmental changes, figured out the disorderly varied forms of the creation process and formed a mutual seal of signs and minds. He sought from the pure form and a poetic musical images to create a beautiful, flowing, transparent artistic flair, while boosting the color and lines, the overall atmosphere of the mysterious properties of multi-level lyricism and a sense of extension in space, rich surface color rhythm, showing speed, unrestrained, turning, interplaying, busy, still, strong, soft, quiet moments sentiment --- Under these results, more refined, subtle effects are reflected in the time when the bulk polymer, infiltration flow color being. In his works of ‘Day and Night’ series, ‘Native Spirit’ series, ‘This Moment Now’ series, ‘Prelude’ series, ‘Ocean Rhapsody’ series (total length of 343 inches, there are 120 pictures form), ‘Liquid Mind’ series, ‘The Edge of Forever’, ‘Final Ether’ series, ‘Sailing Away’ series and other works, he attempted to show the world the ever growing beauty and emotions, and malaise is accelerating, this world exists in the parallel universe of human nature, and that he lives ever in his own world, his long-term feelings, thoughts and inner singing that have been frozen as pieces of art work. We expect him to present more precious collectable masterpieces.